Team Formation and Player Placement

The aim of the club is to enable junior players to play competitive basketball. The club provides the structure to field teams in the Hawthorn Basketball Association's Junior Competition, which comprises a number of grades within age groups for both boys and girls. When forming teams at the beginning of a season, the organisers take into account a number of factors, including: 

  • The age of the child 

    Age groups are determined by the age of the child on December 31 in the year the season finishes. For example, in the 2014/15 summer season, players participating in under 16’s must not be 16 or older at any stage in 2015.

    HBA runs Winter and Summer season competitions for the following age groups.
    Under 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 (Under 20 is only available if there are enough teams to form a division in the HBA)

  • The grade in which the team will be playing, considering its previous performance, player experience, etc.
  • The relative skill and experience of the players
  • Availability for training
  • Friendship groups

    While friendship groups of players are considered when forming teams, issues that may affect the individual player’s development are regarded as more important. This may involve placing a player in a more skilled team to allow his or her development to progress, or conversely in a less skilled team to allow a player the chance to develop in a less competitive environment. Each team should ideally have 8 players. 

Process for placing players in teams 

  1. The waiting list for each age group is held centrally by the Waiting List Coordinator who can be contacted through [email protected]
  2. Potential players are added to the list in the order that their details are received by the Coordinator.
  3. If teams are looking for players, the team manager should contact the Coordinator who will supply the contact details for any appropriate player on the list.
  4. The team manager will then contact the player and offer her/him a place in the team.
  5. If players decide to leave a team voluntarily (eg to play another sport), then at a later date wish to rejoin, their name will go to the bottom of the waiting list.
  6. If players leave a team for reasons beyond their control (eg illness, parents relocating for work), then at a later date wish to rejoin, their name will go to the top of the waiting list.
  7. To hold a place in a team for the following season, the player must have played half the games plus one, unless there is a good reason, eg school commitments, illness or parents’ work relocation. Thus in a 14-game season, players must have played 8 games. If the team manager is not given prior notice that the player will not be playing, it will be deemed to be a non-attendance even if there is a valid reason. Birthday parties are not a valid reason.

All player movements are at the discretion of the committee and the team manager.