Players & Parents

Please consult your Team Manager as the first point contact. If you are new to the club click here - contacts  


Your Team Manager will advise game details during the first 3 weeks of each season, which are the grading rounds. After grading, teams may be moved up or down a division and the fixture list finalised and issued to parents.

Fixture lists are available on the HBA website

The season's Rules of Competition are available from the HBA website.

Ensure you know what to do in regard to forfeits, incorrect uniform, disputes etc. It is not up to the Club to pay any fines due to a team not being aware of requirements. 


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All fees must be paid prior to the first game of the season, otherwise the player may lose their place in the team. Please note that players are not covered by insurance until fees are paid.

A player will not be permitted to play or train unless the fess are fully paid.

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The IC Basketball Club players wear black, red and silver singlets with black shorts. Black shorts must not have any pockets. Black basketball shorts can be ordered through the club. Click here to order uniform.


Click here for a list of HBA venues and Melways references.

Parents’ Roles and Responsibilities

The involvement of parents is essential to the smooth running of the club. IC Basketball Club is an organisation run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and your assistance is appreciated. We ask that you specifically note the following:

  • All children under the age of 18 years must be supervised by an adult at training and games.
  • Every family is expected to participate in training supervision and game day duties which include scoring and time keeping.
  • Your team manager will prepare a roster for parent supervision at training session. Please ensure that you attend your rostered session or organise a replacement, as we require you to be on hand to assist the coach in the event of injury to a player, or assist in disciplinary matters. This may merely consist of directing the exuberance of some of our younger players towards their training program or supervising them when they go out to the toilet.
  • Please do not leave players’ siblings at training unattended. Apart from distractions and potential damage to equipment, the HBA’s insurance policy, which covers the club’s players, does not cover non-players. Parents are strongly advised not to bring other children to training sessions, unless those children are happy to sit still, quietly. The club does not accept any responsibility for the control or safety of non-playing children or of players before and after training sessions.

  • Please ensure that players are on time for training and especially for games. Points will be lost, or forfeits enforced by the referees, if a team has insufficient numbers. Make sure that your child has a water bottle. No sticky drinks and definitely no food.
  • Please take your turn at scoring. Your team manager will prepare a roster for this duty. A guide to scoring is available in Downloads to assist in learning this important and simple task. Note that scoring for a younger team is much easier than scoring for an older team – the game speeds up as they become more skilled. So learn how to score when your child starts to play!

  • Please do not sit on the bench provided for the coach and players at games. Even if it is empty, you should still not sit on it.
  • Do not “coach” players from the sidelines. This role is for the coach only. Directions from the sidelines, however well-intentioned, may only confuse players, and may contradict the coach’s instructions.

  • Maintain a fair and sportsmanlike attitude during games. In particular respect the difficult job being done by the (sometimes very young) referees. Please refer to the Spectators Code of Conduct prepared by the HBA. Parents who do not follow the code of conduct will be asked to leave the stadium and may become ineligible to attend matches.